“Bridges” Poem

For you.

Because time and again, history has shown that compassion, peace, and love are shared and sparked by people who are awake.

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[Photo credit: Ryan J. Wilmot]

By Mary Grace Bertulfo

Unpack your hidden tools, America.
Dust off your generosity of spirit,
your open-handed friendship,
your sense of possibility.
Reach beyond the din of hatred
to the still, peaceful place inside.
Remember the kindness
and frailty of your neighbors.

The angels of our better nature
summon us…
Build, they say, build.
Build bridges between neighbors.
Embrace openly on the streets
and demonstrate
the fortitude of love.
Many faiths.
Our diversity makes us wiser.
Many races.
Our diversity broadens our beauty.
Many traditions.
Our diversity makes us richer.

So build, America, bridges.
300 million bridges built to unite neighbors
are stronger than
one wall built to separate us.

Today, right now,
Great America,
unpack your tools of peace.
Extend your bridges to your neighbors
so that we may walk together
across this land
in freedom.


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