My son, Boy-boy, has a collection of Filipino children’s books called TUTUTBI PATROL (Dragonfly Patrol). They’re a bit like Aesop’s fables where the stories are designed to teach kids life lessons or morals. Often, the stories and illustrations are set on a farm or countryside with the animals trying to figure out how to get along peacefully with each other. Trouble ensues. They work it out. And all is right with the world. *grin* This thread in my blog is called BLOG-OG as a nod to that children’s series. There’s one character, Nog-nog Niyog the Coconut tree. When coconuts fall from her tops, it makes the sound BLOG-OG!

This is a sound my family has co-opted for its own use. As in, “Uh-oh, my R2-D2 toy just fell off the table. BLOG-OG!” Or, say, we’re driving through the coastal countryside of Cebu and something bounces off the top of our van(which it did) and we say, “Uh-oh, BLOG-OG! Must be a coconut falling from the tree!” Or, say, Boy-boy has a great hand in Gin and throws his last card on the table. It’s a perfectly GREAT time to exclaim: BLOG-OG!

In the case of cyberspace, we really like it that the word BLOG so closely resembles the Filipino sound of coconuts falling. *laugh* Blog pages falling from our keyboard out onto the net.So that’s our new silliness. BLOG-OG!

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