Kim Taylor Reece & Wampanoag links

Lovers of history and art, a couple of new links on my site:

  • In “Joy of Artistry” –> Kim Taylor Reece and his gorgeous, sensual, and well-researched sepia photos of kahiko hula, ancient hula. Beyond mainland novelty plastic skirts, 1950’s kitsch posters, and hula girl bobbles, Reece’s photos capture the power, spirituality, and sensuality of the dance. Breathtaking.
  • In “Globe-trotting and Time-travel” –> The Wampanoag Homesite, part of the Plimoth Plantation site. Learn about Thanksgiving from the perspective and experiences of the Wampanoag community. (National Geographic has a children’s book, 1621, A NEW LOOK AT THANKSGIVING, which shows historical re-enactments of the multi-day feast. A real eye-opener. What is factual? What is national mythology? Great for kids.)



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